Hi, I’m Deb Stephenson the founder of Love Soul Healing. I am an experienced holistic energetic healer and teacher and I help people who want to change their lives.

I am passionate about helping people on their journey of inner transformation by helping them to find their joy, fulfilment and purpose in life. By healing our wounds and aligning with our spiritual self and soul, we will achieve our highest potential and the key to lasting happiness.

I have helped many clients uncover their blocks and release stagnant energy to achieve balance, health and harmony in their lives.

Deborah’s highly accurate intuition and profound healing gifts will ensure that your healing session with Deb will be a sublimely uplifting and incredibly life changing experience, in a safe and supported environment.  

She will gently release your negative energy and emotional patterns that block you from living your best life.

Deb specialises in healing childhood trauma in adults and also healing trauma in children.

and align with their soul and higher self, transform

I have over 30 years experience as a Wellness expert, master healer therapist and Spiritual Teacher. When you are connected to spirit through your soul you will be in the right place to initiate profound change in your life, in your thinking, your career and your relationships.

No matter what you are looking for in your life whether its financial security, love, a better job, happiness, empowerment, inner freedom or to open up to your life purpose, look no further – this is for you. I know where you are at and how you are feeling and I can help you transform your way to a better life, just as I have done.

What are the most important things in life? LOVE, SOUL connection and HEALING ourselves. These lead to a happier life, Inner Peace, Financial and inner security, Healthy loving relationships, A job that brings you joy and is in alignment with your passions and natural abilities.

Achieve transformation through the mind, body, soul connection to achieve a life filled with Love, happiness, inner peace and so much more. If you are feeling unfulfilled, if you know there’s got to be a better life for you, if you are stressed, anxious, have money problems or relationship issues then you are in the right place.

Happy to share Shakti Amma with you

Welcome to my website. I look forward to hearing from you.

Deb Stephenson

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