About me

Deb is a gifted spiritual teacher, powerful energy healer and holistic therapist with 30 years of experience. She has helped thousands of people to find lasting change and happiness in their lives. The key to a better life is to achieve personal transformation through the mind body and spirit connection. Let Deb assist you to move forward and make the changes to create a happy, fulfilling and empowered life.

Love Soul Healing

Creating positive change and assisting others with inner transformation is what Deb is passionate about. Awakening others to their higher consciousness and full potential. Sometimes we get stuck in life and it can be difficult to move forward. We can get caught up in the dramas of life, find ourselves in dysfunctional relationships, holding onto resentments, in jobs we don’t enjoy. At times our self esteem can take a beating or we can find ourselves stuck in a rut. The thing is we don’t have to stay in negative situations or challenging relationships and problems. There is a way forward and a better life for you. We are all destined for greatness and an amazing life!

You have unique gifts and talents. You have a life purpose that will bring you joy! Let Deb align you with your soul and assist you on your healing journey of transformation.

Deb is a leader in her field. She is the founder of Love Soul Healing Energy Therapy. She is a spiritual master healer, spiritual teacher, meditation teacher and spiritual retreat facilitor and mentor. She facilitates workshops and teaches 3 levels of healing therapy. Her greatest gifts lie in her strong intuition and profound healing gifts. Her perceptiveness and connection to divine spirit is exceptional.

As a powerful spiritual and energy healer Deb offers unique ways to assist you to heal and connect you with your own inner knowing and spiritual essence. She mentors people in all aspects of life including life purpose work and she will help you uncover your divine calling.  

Deb facilitates healing for her clients that transforms their lives, brings divine awakening and empowered living.

Her caring, personal approach helps people feel at ease as she quickly instils trust in her clients. Deb has helped thousands of people to find the happiness, good health, success, prosperity, financial wealth and harmonious relationships that we all deserve.

Deb has studied a variety of alternate and energy therapies over many years and in India under the tutelage of her teacher Shakti Amma for over 7 years. She brings forth her gifts as an intuitive healer, together with teachings from her own life journey and has created Love Soul Healing. She regularly facilitates spiritual intensives and retreats in Southern India. These bring about deep transformation in her students and enables enriching, rapid soul development and progress.   

“We all here to heal and awaken our divine soul connection that will lead to deep transformation, happiness and life purpose”

You deserve to have the life you desire. Don’t hold yourself back!
Let Deb help you clear the blocks that are holding you back from living a divinely inspired life.

We can experience times when we need a helping hand to deal with life’s challenges. Often this is what we need to kick-start the healing process that will lead to deep transformation and true happiness.

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