Energy Healing

Love Soul Healing is a powerful healing energy therapy that offers a holistic approach to wellness. By working on the subconscious mind and the subtle energy systems of the body, core issues and constraints that are blocking good health and wellbeing are removed. The body’s inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated and balance is restored.

Love Soul Healing is a deeply transformative healing modality that restores balance for the mind, body and spirit. It is a no-touch therapy that brings about feelings of calmness and inner peace. Imbalances in the energy body and chakras are resolved. Physical pain and illness in the body can also be healed. When we work with the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual areas, our blocks can heal quickly.

Deborah is a master healer and founder of the Love Soul Healing modality. She is an expert therapist and leader in her field. Deb brings 30 years experience and expertise to her sought after healing sessions. Her natural gifts lie in her extremely well developed intuition and ability to connect to your soul and spirit. She will offer guidance and advice during the session.

Deborah’s own healing and spiritual journey has her to heal her own blocks, energy imbalances, negative mindset and low self esteem. She is an experienced trauma healing therapist having healed her own childhood PTSD.

Healing promotes spiritual expansion, soul connection and inner transformation, which leads to life purpose and inner peace.

Book a Private Session – Deb offers 60 minute sessions face to face or on-line.
Contact Deb on +61402242112 or email for bookings

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