Meditation is an amazing practice that brings inner joy and deep peace. It can be tricky to do! Your mind doesn’t want to stop thinking.

Let Deb teach you an easy way to meditate and spiritually evolve at the same time.

We have all forgotten the art of sitting still and just being. We have been conditioned to keep doing, doing, doing. This perpetual wheels-in-motion way of life means that we just can’t stop. We become addicted to being busy all of the time!

I am here to help you change your life. I can teach you simple techniques to help you calm your mind and connect deeply within. I will show you how to open up to new ways of seeing and being in the world.

Firstly meditation isn’t easy to do, so I use a method that keeps the mind occupied because it isn’t designed to stop. Then I help you to relax by using the breath and I will open you up spiritually to connect you with the divine presence within you. We all have this inside of us but it is laying dormant in most people. Next I will help you with your shadow aspects that are stopping you from having the life you truly desire.

By addressing the negative things inside of you and releasing them, you will benefit immensely. The key to change is in the healing part of the meditation. This is also why one-on-one consultations with Deb are sometimes needed in order to clear the really deep stuck emotion, negativity and old wounds that are holding you back.

You will feel lighter. Your intuition will improve and you will feel more guided in your life. You will step off the perpetual wheel of ‘busy-ness’ and experience feelings of joy and inner peace. Your light will shine and your whole life will change for the better.

A better life awaits you. Let yourself shine!

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